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As of December 2016, there were approximately 3,840 producing oil wells in Manitoba, the majority of which are located in Southwest Manitoba in and around Dennis County region. As part of Southwestern Manitoba, Dennis County plays a large role in the industry and the Town of Virden is known as the Oil Capital of Manitoba. The Town of Virden is the field/operations office location of the largest oil and gas employer in Manitoba – Tundra Oil & Gas. Tundra Oil and Gas employs approximately 200 people out of their Virden location and works with local suppliers and businesses, building the town as a major oil and gas hub within the province.

Oil was discovered in Southwest Manitoba and has been produced since 1951.
The mining and petroleum industries make up the largest primary resource industry of Manitoba’s economy. The 2016 value of mining and petroleum production totaled $2.1 billion, 36% of which was petroleum-based. Manitoba’s mining and petroleum industries directly employed 5,200 people in 2016.

Dennis County & Area, Major Employers in Petroleum

 Company  Location  Activities 
 Secure Energy Services   Virden    Petroleum & Natural Gas Extraction
 Enbridge Pipelines Inc. Cromer   Pipeline Transportation
 Tutthill Construction Elkhorn  Pipeline Construction & Services
 TSL Industries  Kola  Oilfield Services 
 Canadian Plains Energy Services  Virden
 TS&M Supply   Cromer  Oilfield Services 
 Safety Source  Virden  Oilfield Services 
 Arcrite Welding  Cromer  Oilfield Services 
 H & G Directional Drilling   Virden  Oilfield Services 
 Enerplus - Corex  Virden  Petroleum & Natural Gas Extraction
 Temel  Virden  Petroleum & Natural Gas Extraction