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 Dennis County provides a regional base for numerous healthcare related services including: Regional Healthcare, EMS and Fire. 

In Manitoba eligible employees can access universal healthcare services through the Manitoba Health Services Insurance Plan (MHSIP). The Manitoba Health Services Insurance Plan is financed from general revenues of the Province of Manitoba and with funds provided by the Government of Canada.

When compared to their USA counterparts, Canadian employers pay less in the healthcare costs of their employees. According to the 2016 KPMG Competitive Alternatives report on business costs, USA employers pay 46% of their payroll in benefits compared to Canadian employers that pay only 35%. The report identifies private health insurance as the key driver of this cost for USA employers.

 Dennis County & Area, Major Employers in Health

 Company  Location  Number of Employees  Activities
 Prairie Mountain Health  Virden   170  Hospital/Nursing & Residential Care 
 Westman Regional Laboratory Services   Brandon   150  Diagnostic Laboratories
 Hillcrest Place Ltd.   Brandon   140  Nursing & Residential Care  
 Brandon Clinic Medical Corporation  Brandon  115  Physicians And Health Practitioners 
 Westman Nursing Home Inc.   Virden   70  Nursing & Residential Care  
 Reston District Health Centre   Reston  50  Clinic, Laboratories & Residential Care
Dennis County and Area, Health Services 

 Health Care Services   Number of Locations 
 Pharmacies   3
 Dentists   1
 Optometrists  1 
 Chiropractors   2
 Physiotherapy  1
 Massage Therapy  5
 Homecare Services   3