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The Dennis County Region has a long rich history of Agribusiness. There are approximately 505 active farms in the region. The RM of Pipestone has 164 farms and the RM of Wallace-Woodworth has 341. These farms primarily consist of: livestock production, cereal grains, oilseed, pulse crops and forages. These Farms are a portion of the 14,791 farms in Manitoba.

The region and province has a well-developed network of farm implement, technology and supplies manufacturing, dealing and servicing providers supporting a wide range of farms

The agribusiness sector in Manitoba earned revenues of $10.1 billion in 2016, Manitoba also accounted for $5.9 billion (approximately 10%) of Canada’s farm cash receipts. This included $2.1 billion in livestock receipts and $3.6 billion in crop receipts.

In 2016, the food processing industry in Manitoba, composed of 218 food and beverage manufacturers, earning $4.1 billion in revenues in 2016. The sector also has a strong export focus, with exports of $2.3 billion in 2016, approximately 56 percent of sales in 2016.

Over the period of 1992 to 2016, revenues within Manitoba’s food-processing industry grew at a compound annual growth rate of 4.55 percent.

Dennis County & Area, Major Employers in Agribusiness

 Company  Location  Number of Employees   Activities 
 Maple Leaf Foods Inc.   Brandon   2,100  Food Manufacturing 
 Plainview Colony Farms Ltd.   Elkhorn   66   Crop and Animal Production 
 Heartland Livestock Services   Virden  35  Livestock Auctions
 Cargill Ltd  Brandon  20  Food Manufacturing 
 Louis Dreyfus Canada Ltd.  Virden  10  Grain Distribution
 Van L Equipment   Reston   12  Agricultural Equipment 
 Morris Sales & Services   Virden  -  Agricultural Equipment 
 Mar-Dee Enterprises   Virden/Reston  -  Agricultural Services 
 Pipestone Livestock Sales Ltd.   Pipestone   20  Livestock Auctions 
 Virden Animal Hospital  Virden    Veterinary Services
 Redferns Farm Services  Virden/Kenton    Agricultural Services