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The Dennis County Development Partnership was formed in 2017, The Partnership is composed of three municipalities located in southwest Manitoba: Rural Municipality of Wallace-Woodworth, Rural Municipality of Pipestone, and Town of Virden.
From a strong agricultural and oil industry base to an active commercial business sector, the Dennis County is a great place to invest, grow, and do business.

Area Value Proposition:

This area offers direct access to national air, road and rail transportation networks and access to national and regional energy corridors, providing a distinctive lower cost opportunity for corporate investment and growth.  Quick access to the national mainline rail, highway, air and oil pipeline systems makes for fast cost-effective freight and efficient flow of goods to and from the US, Canada, Asia and other off shore markets. 

Access to 3 separate inland ports within 3 hours transport time, ease, west or south, provides for easy access to regional North American markets on the Canadian Prairies and in the US Mid West.

Area Competitive Advantages: 

  • Quick access to National Transportation Systems
  • Access to large energy supply corridors; high voltage electrical up to 230 kva, crude oil transmission pipelines and natural gas supply systems
  • Industrial raw water supply, potable water distribution system and advanced wastewater treatment capability
  • Access to high speed fiber optic telecommunications systems and last mile fiber optic suppliers
  • Zoned and subdivided Industrial Land which is shovel ready for development
  • Industrial Landfill and deep injection disposal wells for liquid waste streams
  • Skilled transportation, oilfield, industrial construction and chemical manufacturing labor force

Larger Area Businesses:

The region is a host to a number of larger regional offices and operations, representing local, national and multinational corporations. They represent a wise range of sectors from natural resource extraction to national resources transportation, chemical manufacturing, construction and agricultural products.
While this list is not comprehensive it provides a snap shot of the companies who have all thrived in our growing and expanding business sector:

  • Tundra Oil & Gas
  • Enbridge Pipelines
  • Tundra Energy Marketing Limited
  • Corex Resources
  • ERCO Worldwide
  • Louis Dreyfus
  • Heartland Livestock
  • Long Shot Services
  • Spearing Trucking 
Geography (Land Area): 3,942.25 square kilometers

Median Household Income for Division No. 6: $64,055
Median Household Income for Manitoba: $68,147

Top Languages:

  • English (86.7%),
  • German (4.5%),
  • Dakota (4.4%),
  • French (1.3%),
  • Tagalog (0.9%).

Top Countries for Immigration:
  • UK,
  • Philippines,
  • Germany,
  • Russia,
  • USA

Percentage of Population that Migrated to Division No. 6 (Place of Residence 5 Years Ago):

  • Intra-provincial (from within Manitoba): 11.5%
  • Intra-provincial (from another province): 3.0%
  • International: 1.9%

Population (Over 25) with Post-Secondary Education: 49.4% 

Major Fields of Study (Population Over 25):
  • architecture,
  • engineering and related technologies (10.4%);
  • health and related fields (9.9%);
  • business, management,
  • public administration (9.1%)