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Reston 1-1-46710


Location: 406 6th Avenue Reston

Contact: Tanis Chalmers, R.M. of Pipestone

Phone: 2048773669

Email: tanis@rmofpipestone.com

Land Type: Vacant Land

Lot Size: 1

Depth: 210 ft

Frontage:150 ft

Ownership: R.M. of Pipestone

Zoning: UN

Municipal Water: Yes

Waste Water: No

TeleCommunications: Yes

Transportation: Located on Provincial Trunk Highway 2 Near the Canadian National Railway mainline 8 km from Pipestone Airport 39 km from Trans-Canada Highway 70 km from the US / Canada Border 300 km away from the Winnipeg International Airport

Permitted Uses: Click here for permitted uses

Incentives: Click here for development incentives

Details: SOLD